Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nebraska Balloon & Wine Festival - part 1

So, it's been a coon's age since I posted anything new on here - sorry about that....have been busy prepping for my next 3 shows, which are all outdoor.

First up is the Nebraska Balloon & Wine Festival.

Well, so far I am pretty unimpressed with the promoter.  Packets were extremely late going out - just got my final contract today.  And set-up was supposed to start today at 8am for vendors.  And after dragging my ass out of bed at 6am and hauling my butt as well as 3 very kind helpers to the venue...I was told by said promoter that they were not ready for vendors and to come back tomorrow.

Nevermind that I called to confirm a week ago.

So, worked on some more new stuff in the meantime...and will try it again tomorrow.  A loooooong day to be sure...will be setting up for several hours and then at the show until 11pm.

Will have my camera with me - so will take a bunch of pictures of the new tent booth my husband got me.  Along with my new display set up and packaging.

Told you I wasn't being a slacker in my absence.

Bye for now - part 2 soon!