Monday, May 31, 2010

New Acquisitions - Look at my BOOTY - Part 2

Here are some of my latest acquisitions - purchased this past weekend at one of my favorite vintage shops in Omaha. 

A gorgeous Art Deco necklace of jade colored carved opaque glass beads and discs.

2 lovely rhinestone pieces - necklace and bracelet.

A fun pair of earrings from the 1950's which I plan to use for parts.

And a brushed gold textured collar with AB crimson rhinstones.

A pair of lovely clip earrings with 2 tones of purple.

Memorial Day - Remember the TRUE meaning

Today is Memorial Day.  And while most will be thankful for an extra day off work, an extra day to sleep in...that is not the true meaning of the day.

This is a day of remembrance. 

Remember those who fell in battle in days past to bring us the freedoms we take for granted every day.  To those who didn't come home to their loved ones, those who went out to meet danger and war because it was asked of them.

Remember and thank the members of our military services: Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard and National Guard and Reserves.  They have an impossible job, yet they meet the challenge with dignity and honor.

I am thinking about Thor today - my own hero.  So far away at the moment, doing his duty.  Here is a picture that was taken as part of an ABC News special about his squadron.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tales from the Fuzzdom - The BIRDIE show!

It's been a fairly uneventful few days, the world keeps turning and the sun rising and setting.  I've reached the halfway point in my husband's deployment, and instead of the days flying by like they seemed to for the first 6 months...these days are dragging and dragging...

And just when I was feeling particularily mopey and maudlin...I happened to catch my two cats participating in their favorite past-time...well, besides eating and sleeping - the BIRDIE show!! 

The Birdie show is a 24 hr show that takes place from the sunroom windows, the neighborhood wildlife comes to taunt and flirt with my eagerly awaiting fuzz people.

Munchkin just stares intently at the squirrels, birds, bugs and wee green garter snakes that pass the window by - no sound, no false starts, no tabby clucking....he leaves all that to Pig.

Pig does all those things...and adds running into the window, jumping up at the window, batting at the bugs and animals OUTSIDE the window, and running back and forth between the front door and the sunroom trying to GET the wildlife.

He's not the brightest thing - that's for sure...but he makes me laugh even when I am having a good mope.

And so life continues...will be starting another room project tomorrow and working on it through the next couple of weeks.  So look for those pictures coming up.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An old fashioned case of the CRUDS...

So this week has pretty much been a sucking hole...and boy does that sound fabulous.  I seem to be afflicted with a classic case of the 'ol cruds.

I am exhausted no matter how much I sleep, not feeling inspired to make anything new, am plugging along with website changes and additions, but feel like I am not accomplishing anything, my appetite seems to just include sweets and starches...which are the worst things for me.

I just don't feel compelled to do anything.  I miss my husband.

But life goes on, plugging matter how much I have the cruds.

And so I go back to it...trying to feel productive in some way.

Crud. crud. CRUD.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Home renovations - Newly completed Sunroom

I have been working on my home while my husband is deployed.  The current project was the upstairs sunroom off his office.  The plan was to make a library/reading room with cushy chairs, but somewhat more masculine space. 

Here's what I did.  There is a dark military blue on the walls, which was balanced by a white ceiling, window casings and baseboards.  The window treatments I kept from the previous owners - they are  gorgeous golden natural reeds, which I liked the texture of.  And the color was a good contrast to the blue on the walls.

The chairs proved the most difficult items to find.  Several weeks of searching found a pair of black leather club chairs with a subtle Art Deco on much the better. 

Painted an old oak bookcase solid white with a gloss finish and added an old white printer stand as an end table. 

Accents were found all over:  matte black lantern, pillows, lovely outdoor rug (also on clearance, yay!), and routed signs  (family and relax) kept my favorite picture of the both of us from our honeymoon.

All in all - I am very happy with how it came out.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Letters to Juliet - aka: Verona, love and romance on a rainy day

Letters to Juliet: Celebrating Shakespeare's Greatest Heroine, the Magical City of Verona, and the Power of Love If you have a question about love, would you ask a trusted friend or maybe your mother, your grandmother for advice?

If you are heartbroken, would you cry into your pillow and keep your grief locked up inside?

If you have lost someone you love and grieve for that loss, who answers your question about the whys?

In the city of Verona, the city of love...there is an alley in the middle of the city, across from trendy shops and outdoor cafes.  It's the home of Juliet.  Yes, that Juliet...Shakespeare's Juliet.  A small balcony overlooks the courtyard and a bronze statue of the famed heroine, waits for her Romeo under the balcony.  Visitors flock here to write letters asking for advice about love, loss and life ever year.  These letters are taped, or put in cracks and on ledges.

I made my own visit to this alley on a trip with my mum in 2003 to Italy.  I stood and looked up at the balcony and took pictures of people rubbing the statue of Juliet for luck.  I tucked my own letter into a crack on the wall.  I went to Italy with a broken heart...healing from a relationship that had ended.  And though I did not receive an answer from Juliet about my questions (because I didn't leave an address), I felt better.

I went to see the movie, Letters to Juliet, today.  And the photography of those familiar places in Italy that I visited made me a bit homesick...although Italy is not the country of my birth.  And Juliet's home, the cobbled alleyway I stood and wished for an end to heartache remains the same.

The movie was a sweet reminder of what we will do in the name of love:  both lost and found.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The fuzzy horde - ruining the Sunday sleep-in one week at a time...

I was perfectly warm and comfy this morning - the black out curtains taking care of any sunlight so it could have been 7am or would I know?

Sunday mornings...code for sleep till noon and then spend all day in pajamas while you watch re-runs of Weeds...or whatever happens to be on HGTV.

But alas no...the phone beeped signally text message and any signs of life brings on the FUZZY HORDE.  The fuzzy horde runs full tilt up the stairs, hits the door at full speed and both then run across me - oh my spleen...oh god, my spleen...

And then the fuzzy horde demands food...because clearly they are starving with their fat little bodies of porkiness.  And they will not take no for an answer. 


Back to the Weeds marathon....fuzzy horde is asleep.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mini-cards and coupon....aka: Psst! I'm a bad influence for those who shop...

Got my mini-cards today - MOO you are fabulous...I just have to say.  They are sooooo pretty!! 

But, my mini-cards are not just pretty...they hold the secret to a 15% discount on purchases from Reyna Red.

To receive this lovely token to shopping bliss and bargains, simply make a purchase of your favorite item or items either on the Reyna Red website...or on Etsy for gorgeous trunk show items.

With every purchase you will receive a coupon for a discount off your next purchase.  It's a win win.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Channeling my inner (and outer) PRINCESS...New products!!

What little girl didn't dream about being a princess?  I, though a tomboy, still harbored secret wishes that I would meet Prince Charming and live happily ever after...skinned knees and all.

When Lady Diana married Prince Charles, I had a solid example that it could really happen.  Well, it could...couldn't it?!

So here's my nod to that little girl inside all of us, the one that longs for tiaras, jewels and happily ever after.  Just in time for late Spring and Summer brides....

Introducing Reyna Red Bridal Tiaras and Headbands. (*fanfare*)  Here are the first several in this series.

                                      Demeter Headband

                                  Stargazer Headband

                               Climbing Ivy Headband

                                      Tatania Headband

                                    Wildflowers Headband

Running out of projects...but gaining a lot of light

So to try and pull myself out of my dull-drums I worked on painting the hallway the same color as the living room...a lovely warm peachy tan.

Still have some trim work to do - but instant improvement.  OMG...the people who owned this house before had the absolute worst taste in color.  But, thankfully, they didn't paint over the majority of the original woodwork.

Small favors....and all that.

My lovely staircasing is pictured to the left here with some Photoshop liberties taken with it to make it look like an old hand-colored photograph.

Thanks to the lovely ladies in my Etsy Homefront group for listening to my whining and moping and sending me some great words of encouragement.  I know that I am allowed to have a meltdown every once in awhile...but the stubborn redhead in me wants to scream and throw a tantrum about having a meltdown.

Ok, that makes no sense whatsoever.

Anyway...I'm still here and post-mope if you will.  My neighbors have been pounding and pounding on the exterior of their house all day and I am trying to work around it.  However, trying to be inspired about jewelry so I can compel people to buy with my descriptions...takes a serious hit what with the constant pounding.

But I will soldier on.

I'm so tired...but I can't sleep...

Was up half the night and tossing and turning the other half.  No word from Thor for a few days and was having a very bad feeling.  Very bad.  Like my skin was too tight, and all the rooms in my house were closing in on me.

Wait.  Wait. Wait.  Waiting....

No email again.  Staring at the walls this morning at 3am.  4am.  5am.  6am

Couldn't sleep.  Finally gave up and got up this morning at 6:30am.  Went to take a shower and when I was getting dressed for the day, got an email from him.

And started crying like a little sissy.  Jeez, Leah...get a grip.  I just want to yell at myself sometimes.

                                                  From happier times - goofier times.

I still marvel at the realization that the solitary person I was has given way to someone whose whole world is wrapped up in my bald-headed husband.

So, I've turned into a sap.

Well, this sap is going to take a nap since I think I've earned it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The rainy day blues...aka. I miss my husband so much it hurts

So this isn't going to be a dose of my usual random redheadness, sarcastic shenanigans, if that is what you are looking for, you might want to save this entry for another day.

It's a rainy day here in Omaha...a rainy, stormy and dreary day spent under a quilt with the fuzz people.  A day spent missing my ache which seems to spread from under my ribs out to my fingertips.  It hits and for a moment I think I might be having a stroke.

But's just my body manifesting the loneliness that I can usually keep at bay with one of my many, many projects.  But some days, like today, the weather seems to make my usual frenetic energy slow down until all I want to do is sleep. And mope.  And cry. And feel sorry for myself.

On our first date in SF.

And miss him.  And worry that every time the phone's bad news.  Horrible news.  And then yelling at myself for worrying when I get his latest email.  During the wait in between contact...chanting to myself: he's ok, he's ok, he's ok....over and over again.

Normally, I like storms - the days when you curl up with your loved ones, warm and safe at home.  But while he's gone...they seem to taunt me with loneliness, make me realize what I am missing.

Oh, don't listen to me.  I'm just feeling sorry for myself.  And now that I have depressed everyone...I'll call it done.

                                                                                            A couple months before our wedding.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tales from the Fuzzdom - Desk Nazi

I have been busy working on editing new pics all day so I have not be idle.  But I have been watched closely by Munchkin.  He is not at all pleased with the fact that I am working and not petting him.

So he took matters into his own paws and is sitting this close to the laptop.  It was so desk Nazi of him I had to take a picture....or two.

He will NOT be moved.

My favorite Chai recipe - hope you enjoy!

My favorite Chai recipe is as follows:

1 medium teapot

2 bags - Stash Black Chai Tea
1 bag - Peppermint Tea

2 teaspoons honey
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 tbsp sugar
1 cup soy milk - unflavored

Bring water to a boil in a kettle - pour water to halfway in teapot along with teabags.                                                                                         Steep for 2 minutes.

Heat up soy milk in glass measuring cup for
2 minutes in microwave.

Blend heated soy milk and rest of ingredients in
teapot and let steep for 3 more minutes.

Serves 2-4 cups of tea depending on size of cup.

Leah :-)   

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Trying to decide if Wind Dancer is going to continue this Summer/Fall...

Just not feeling inspired to create anything for that line lately.  Want to play with sparkly crystal and vintage jewelry - glamour, not neutrals.  Bright, happy colors...

Hmmmmmm....should I keep Wind Dancer going or retire the line?

Decisions, decisions.

Faerie Wings....or the shedding Tree caper

I happened to look up from my desk while working and saw this shower of yellow coming off a neighbor's I went out to take a peek.

I found these on my porch railing and all over the ground - they look like faerie wings. 

Of course they are not really faerie wings...but a seed pod of some kind.  This is the tree they came off of. 

Not a botanist or tree expert - so if any of you lovely readers know what tree produces these "faerie wings" I would be interested to know.

It's silly I'm sure...but the floating and spinning of these little yellow pods appealed to my sense of whimsy.

Pig is highly entertained because they are spinning close to his favorite window, I think he thinks they are bugs.  So there is clicking and quacking from that part of the house and then the sound of galloping wee fuzzy feet as he runs back and forth from the window to the front door trying to "catch" them.

He's not the brightest bulb....but he's cute while he's being less than smart.

And so with that note of random musings...back I go to website work.
Happy Spring!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Insomnia bites...someone tell me why I should change outta my PJs...

Was wide awake this morning at 3am - wide awake, alert, staring at the ceiling wondering why I was awake...staring at the ceiling.

Well not this ceiling - this is the ceiling in St. Peter's in Rome.  But hey, it's a get the idea.  Babbling....

Got about 4 hours of sleep and am dragging ass.  Still in my PJs and trying to work up the will to accomplish something today.  So far, I've accomplished making a breakfast burrito and babbling on here.

I should be working on my website, I should be taking pictures of new product, I should be painting my walls or cleaning my house...but I am struggling to keep my eyes open.

Calgon...take me away.  Or rather Benadryl take me away.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Even the unsentimental ones can get SAPPY...

Took a short run to Michael's today for 26 gauge wire and as always I take a peek in their dollar section.

Found a wooden puzzle in the shape of a lobster and started tearing up.  Lobsters are kinda mine and hubby's private joke.  He's my lobster...from Friends...anyway...  So I got annoyed with myself for tearing up...cuz that's not really my thing.  I mean, yes, it sucks big time that he is gone for months at a time...oh the joys of being a military wife.  But I am the oddity it seems, well generally, in that I don't fall apart as soon as he deploys.

I hate every shrieking second that he's gone, would rather have him home, etc, etc, etc...but I knew what I was getting into when we got married.  And I am used to living alone.  It just catches me off guard lately at odd moments.

It's not too much longer...a few more months.  That I will jam pack with every project I can: painting walls, re-arranging furniture, organizing and purging, doing shows, even got a part-time job...along with my vintage hunting and fuzzdom tales...

So after all that...I bought the lobster - first item for the next care package.  I'm averaging about 1 care package to him a month. 

So here is Mr. Lobster.  Hopefully he will make hubby smile when he lands in the sandbox.

What I read while I was returning on a jet plane...

I tend to only read novels on airplanes, during layovers, while on vacation...a wee break from the technical manuals I read at home.

Here's my latest read...if you like Nora Roberts' brain candy - then you will enjoy this.  It's part of a 4-part series, so pick them up in order.

Vintage Finds - look at my booty!!

Hi All -

It occurs to me that my title is slightly salacious sounding...well salacious adjacent shall we say.  As no one needs to scope my actual booty...I meant in the classical sense of the word, "booty", as in treasures discovered and acquired.

These are from both my trip to CA as well as my favorite shop here in Omaha, and a lucky navigation error that lead to an estate sale today - when I pulled over to yell at my Garmin.  Yelling at it never works...but I always feel better afterward.

And boy, did I discover some treasures.  And since pictures are worth thousands of words, I invite you to peruse through.  Try not to drool on the screen though.  Unless you have Handi-wipes....erm, handy.  haha.

Redhead signing off,
Leah :-)