Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Running out of projects...but gaining a lot of light

So to try and pull myself out of my dull-drums I worked on painting the hallway the same color as the living room...a lovely warm peachy tan.

Still have some trim work to do - but instant improvement.  OMG...the people who owned this house before had the absolute worst taste in color.  But, thankfully, they didn't paint over the majority of the original woodwork.

Small favors....and all that.

My lovely staircasing is pictured to the left here with some Photoshop liberties taken with it to make it look like an old hand-colored photograph.

Thanks to the lovely ladies in my Etsy Homefront group for listening to my whining and moping and sending me some great words of encouragement.  I know that I am allowed to have a meltdown every once in awhile...but the stubborn redhead in me wants to scream and throw a tantrum about having a meltdown.

Ok, that makes no sense whatsoever.

Anyway...I'm still here and post-mope if you will.  My neighbors have been pounding and pounding on the exterior of their house all day and I am trying to work around it.  However, trying to be inspired about jewelry so I can compel people to buy with my descriptions...takes a serious hit what with the constant pounding.

But I will soldier on.

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