Monday, September 20, 2010

NEW Diningroom - more tales from the home improvement phase.

As promised - here are pics of my completed diningroom.  This was the last room completed prior to my husband returning from deployment, and by far, the WORST project.

Started with absolutely horrifying vomit green walls...the kind of color that can only be conquered by gallons and gallons and gallons of heavy covering primer.  Walls and ceiling.  The geniuses that lived in this house before liked to live in a drab, dark cave it seems. 

So about 5 gallons of primer and two coats of paint later (nevermind the drama of clinging like a spider monkey to the ceiling and ladder to paint around the ceiling fan, since the previous owners puttied the fan cover to the ceiling.) and a lot of new accessories, I finally had a diningroom I wanted to eat in.

I updated my antique mahoghany sideboard with a little copper
foiling and some new hardware, it absolutely glows in the late
afternoon sun!

The stenciling on the pushouts came out great and it was super
easy to do.  I used the darkest color of the three on the stencils to give it some contrast.

And found these amazing enameled wrought iron wall hangings at Gordmans, which I used to accented the casing wall, as well as over the inspiration piece; the Felix Mas seriagraph.  We picked the picture up on our honeymoon and the framing is very Art Deco.  Looks amazing with the new linens and rug.                        

I was able to extend my dining table to its full length (can seat 10), and couldn't believe how large the room really is.  I guess that vomit color threw off my spacial recognition.

Such a brighter, happier room.  Even if Thor thinks it looks "pinkish".  hahaha.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

And in my looooooong absence....

Hi there!  I know....I know....where have I been?  What have I been doing?!!  Why haven't I been posting about anything.

Well, as with most kinda snuck up on me, got extremely crazed for awhile, and then if by miracle...suddenly cleared.

Top news tidbits -

1.  My house is done.  Finished the diningroom up a couple weeks ago.  Look for a separate post on that coming in the next couple of days.

2.  Fall shows have started in full swing.  Am booked up solid until beginning of December.  Check out here for a list of my shows until the end of the year.  Am adding a couple more soon...who needs to sleep?

3.  Hubby is HOME!!!  After many months deployed in Afghanistan, he is home safely.  *happy wife dance*

4.  Mini- vacay planned to KC next weekend.  Will be sure to post pics, etc. from that.  Possible Ren-faire action too.

5.  2 weeks until my next show which is incidentally my LAST outdoor show of the season.  Pray for me for good weather.  And rejoice with me that my special helper (hubby) is back to help with the heavy lifting.

6.  New web design is coming SOON!!  I will post some mock ups if I can (in my limited computer brillance) figure out how.  May need to send up a "I'm stupid, HELP!" SOS to big bro to help out with that, dear readers.

And that's all I can think of right now.  Hopefully that will tide you over for a bit whilst I get the pics in order for the separate post on my diningroom re-design...which I promise will be up by tomorrow.

Thanks for hanging in with me during my absence...and feel free to pimp me out to all the cool people you know.  haha...

Leah :-)