Friday, February 20, 2009

Spring Cleaning - BOGO Sale!

Hi All:

Wow, two posts in as many days....probably don't want to get used to that though. haha. Anyway...just stopping by briefly to shamelessly plug my Clearance BOGO sale going on now in my Etsy store.

All Clearance items are *Buy 1 get 1 Free* So come and shop early for best selection - more items being added soon. Sale will continue until my Clearance section is picked clean...Spring cleaning for me means deals for you.

Remember you still get 10% discount on regularily priced merchandise if you put "Blogspot" in the notes to seller.

-Leah :-)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am a Twit and joined a Cult apparently...

Hi All:

And if that title doesn't get you nothing will. I bet ya'll clicked in here expecting to hear some Jerry Springer-esque story about crazy baby daddy drama and whatnot...sorry to disappoint you.

Just checking in with my somewhat limited readership to give a small update on my goings on. I set up a Twitter account and have apparently already gotten myself a follower. Woohoo. And I discovered that my brother Twitters randomly from in front of a coffee shop. haha

So feel free to "follow" me on Twitter - wddesigns is my handle.

I also joined the Craft Cult ( - which is an awesome way to advertise without breaking the bank - watching visits and views go up on my Etsy -

Now for some shameless begging for sales - I can plead too if you so desire...but let's try the discount approach first to save my knees.

I'm offering a 10% off discount to anyone that purchases from my Etsy store and put in the notes to Seller "blogspot".

-Leah :-)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Contradictions taking shape...

Hi All:

My Contradictions collection is taking shape...working on more new stuff to be posted this weekend, so look for that.

Really liking different hammered techniques on copper and steel along with deeply faceted gemstones, such an element of surprise that is very modern and sleek...with just a hint of the 30's thrown in.

Will post more soon...


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Busy Busy Bee....

Hi All:

I have not been idle - just finished posting some new items on Etsy today. And business seems to be picking up a bit this month which is encouraging after a bit of a slow holiday season.

New collection in the works for Reyna Red - Contradictions.

Contradictions are about the contrast between the expected and unexpected. Life is about textures and contradictions: hard and soft, rough and smooth, shiny and dull...and it's the contrast that really makes something interesting. This collection combines textures and contrasts metals with faceted and unfaceted stones for beautiful depth and strinkingly unique art pieces.

Here are some pics of new things...check out the rest on Etsy at: