Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am a Twit and joined a Cult apparently...

Hi All:

And if that title doesn't get you nothing will. I bet ya'll clicked in here expecting to hear some Jerry Springer-esque story about crazy baby daddy drama and whatnot...sorry to disappoint you.

Just checking in with my somewhat limited readership to give a small update on my goings on. I set up a Twitter account and have apparently already gotten myself a follower. Woohoo. And I discovered that my brother Twitters randomly from in front of a coffee shop. haha

So feel free to "follow" me on Twitter - wddesigns is my handle.

I also joined the Craft Cult ( - which is an awesome way to advertise without breaking the bank - watching visits and views go up on my Etsy -

Now for some shameless begging for sales - I can plead too if you so desire...but let's try the discount approach first to save my knees.

I'm offering a 10% off discount to anyone that purchases from my Etsy store and put in the notes to Seller "blogspot".

-Leah :-)


terryann said...


terryann said...

Im a twit too!... I will lookinto joining the cult.