Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Faerie Wings....or the shedding Tree caper

I happened to look up from my desk while working and saw this shower of yellow coming off a neighbor's tree...so I went out to take a peek.

I found these on my porch railing and all over the ground - they look like faerie wings. 

Of course they are not really faerie wings...but a seed pod of some kind.  This is the tree they came off of. 

Not a botanist or tree expert - so if any of you lovely readers know what tree produces these "faerie wings" I would be interested to know.

It's silly I'm sure...but the floating and spinning of these little yellow pods appealed to my sense of whimsy.

Pig is highly entertained because they are spinning close to his favorite window, I think he thinks they are bugs.  So there is clicking and quacking from that part of the house and then the sound of galloping wee fuzzy feet as he runs back and forth from the window to the front door trying to "catch" them.

He's not the brightest bulb....but he's cute while he's being less than smart.

And so with that note of random musings...back I go to website work.
Happy Spring!

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