Saturday, May 1, 2010

Even the unsentimental ones can get SAPPY...

Took a short run to Michael's today for 26 gauge wire and as always I take a peek in their dollar section.

Found a wooden puzzle in the shape of a lobster and started tearing up.  Lobsters are kinda mine and hubby's private joke.  He's my lobster...from Friends...anyway...  So I got annoyed with myself for tearing up...cuz that's not really my thing.  I mean, yes, it sucks big time that he is gone for months at a time...oh the joys of being a military wife.  But I am the oddity it seems, well generally, in that I don't fall apart as soon as he deploys.

I hate every shrieking second that he's gone, would rather have him home, etc, etc, etc...but I knew what I was getting into when we got married.  And I am used to living alone.  It just catches me off guard lately at odd moments.

It's not too much longer...a few more months.  That I will jam pack with every project I can: painting walls, re-arranging furniture, organizing and purging, doing shows, even got a part-time job...along with my vintage hunting and fuzzdom tales...

So after all that...I bought the lobster - first item for the next care package.  I'm averaging about 1 care package to him a month. 

So here is Mr. Lobster.  Hopefully he will make hubby smile when he lands in the sandbox.

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