Sunday, May 16, 2010

The fuzzy horde - ruining the Sunday sleep-in one week at a time...

I was perfectly warm and comfy this morning - the black out curtains taking care of any sunlight so it could have been 7am or would I know?

Sunday mornings...code for sleep till noon and then spend all day in pajamas while you watch re-runs of Weeds...or whatever happens to be on HGTV.

But alas no...the phone beeped signally text message and any signs of life brings on the FUZZY HORDE.  The fuzzy horde runs full tilt up the stairs, hits the door at full speed and both then run across me - oh my spleen...oh god, my spleen...

And then the fuzzy horde demands food...because clearly they are starving with their fat little bodies of porkiness.  And they will not take no for an answer. 


Back to the Weeds marathon....fuzzy horde is asleep.