Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tales from the Fuzzdom - The BIRDIE show!

It's been a fairly uneventful few days, the world keeps turning and the sun rising and setting.  I've reached the halfway point in my husband's deployment, and instead of the days flying by like they seemed to for the first 6 months...these days are dragging and dragging...

And just when I was feeling particularily mopey and maudlin...I happened to catch my two cats participating in their favorite past-time...well, besides eating and sleeping - the BIRDIE show!! 

The Birdie show is a 24 hr show that takes place from the sunroom windows, the neighborhood wildlife comes to taunt and flirt with my eagerly awaiting fuzz people.

Munchkin just stares intently at the squirrels, birds, bugs and wee green garter snakes that pass the window by - no sound, no false starts, no tabby clucking....he leaves all that to Pig.

Pig does all those things...and adds running into the window, jumping up at the window, batting at the bugs and animals OUTSIDE the window, and running back and forth between the front door and the sunroom trying to GET the wildlife.

He's not the brightest thing - that's for sure...but he makes me laugh even when I am having a good mope.

And so life continues...will be starting another room project tomorrow and working on it through the next couple of weeks.  So look for those pictures coming up.

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