Monday, October 26, 2009

New house, new studio, new angst, same old Red...

Hi All:

Ok, so I'm moved into my new house and my new studio....which is yay. Here are some pics of the new place:

Spent a month between Sept. and Oct. doing nonstop shows and now am in the midst of a month-long break. Well, not really a break I am working frantically on my websites, taking pics of new things, working on new designs and items for Christmas.

I have yet another Fall show this coming weekend - which is also Halloween, and hubby and I spent the better part of yesterday carving truly ambitious pumpkins - of which are pictured below.

Prepping for what looks to be a particularly harsh winter this year, another month of nonstop shows awaits me along with shoveling our massive driveway and corner lot by myself....yikes. Hello, snowblower. I am going to reward all my hard work with a visit home for the Christmas holiday to California.

Let's see, here is a preview of new designs:

Cleopatra Necklace

Amber Crystal Bangle

Harlequin Cloisonne Necklace

Ok, that's all for now folks - gotta get back to it.

-Leah :-)

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