Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ok, wow...June snuck up on me...

Hi all -

It's been awhile...June snuck up on me without any warning.  Well, without any warning I noticed I guess.  It's the classic story of looking at my calendar to add an appointment and realizing I was still on May.  LOL

Anyway, so a quick rundown on what's been happening my little world in the past month.

1. 26 weeks down, 14 or so to go.  Pod is flailing spastically more and more each day.  She seems to really be active when I am working.  Especially with anything that vibrates my hands (polishing, grinding, etc).  And when Thor calls or video chats.

2.  Went to see Thor in Maryland for a week in mid-May.  It was a fun trip - wish I could have stayed longer.  We got out to see DC and the Smithsonian as well as Annapolis.  Was just great to spend normal couple time with him.  Trying to pull together another trip to see him before I am grounded from air travel.

3.  The Outdoor Market at Midtown Crossing has BEGUN!  I was out there for the first 2 Saturdays and it's an amazing group of vendors, great event staff and just a fun, easygoing atmosphere that is a joy to sell at.  Look for me 5 more weekends throughout the season - June 25, July 2, July 9, July 30 and Aug 6.

4.  Tons of new hair accessories - that's my concentration this summer season.  Not making the full switch over from jewelry (since that is my first love), but am only concentrating on casting jewelry in silver and bronze.

5. Third semester taking metal casting - love it.  Am finishing projects faster and faster and have many to share.  (In a separate post though).  This will be my last semester for a bit, because it ends right around my 8 month of pregnancy.  Won't be able to pick it up again until after Thor gets home and Pod makes her appearance.  But, hopefully I will be back for Winter Quarter in January.

So that's pretty much it.  I am still working on the nursery.  Walls are painted, crib and mattress purchased, stocked up on clothes and basic essentials to see us through the first few weeks.  The amazing Jenny and Kara have a Dr. Seuss themed shower in the works for mid-July...super excited about that.

Looks like the next couple of posts are going to be picture-centric since I still haven't edited pics from my trip, the last round of headband production, Jackie's wedding (I got to accessorize the lovely ladies of the bridal party), etc.

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