Thursday, July 7, 2011

So you're 30 weeks pregnant - ready to pop yet?

It's amazing to me the things people say to a random pregnant lady they don't know.  Although I think I have been pretty lucky even in that aspect of the 40 weeks of belly stretching fun compared to some people. 

Apparently my height and frame continue to hide most of my 7-plus month belly so most everyone just thinks I'm a few months along only.  Pod is twisting and twirling and doing her flailey version of kickboxing all through the day and night...she seems to be a bit of a night owl though.  Which means I get a lot of thumping and bumping right around when I am ready to call it a night. 

Going through the next round of pregnant lady poking, prodding and testing - so far so good.  A bit of a scare recently due to a random minor bacterial infection which could have been handled easily at the base clinic but a couple apathetic nurses and a OB in the middle of getting his wisdom teeth out - twisted into the mother of all clusterfucks and I ended up at the Med Center ER, hooked up to fetal monitors and evaluated for placenta previa, etc.  I'm fine.  Pod's fine.  Just some antibiotics for a week and it's all good.

No name for Pod yet, Thor and I are still tossing out suggestions and using our veto powers on ones we don't like.  I have a couple of favorites that are on the list...we'll see which make the cut.  We have a couple more months yet.  Nursery is coming along...but we're mostly ready with all the essentials we need.  Super excited for my baby shower next week put on by the lovely Jenny and Kara.  And it looks like Pod will be in the pictures again...another ultrasound to check her growth in a few days.  Gonna see if I can charm another print out for Thor since he's still out of town.

Other than that everything's been plugging along...almost done with my abbreviated summer show season, only 3 more weekends at the Midtown Market.  It's been a fun summer. 

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