Monday, December 8, 2008

Feedback from my fellow Etsians

Hi all -

This morning I got up on the wrong side of 7am to participate in a feedback session on the fly...oi, the need for coffee was great and since I didn't hear the husband alarm clock of, "psst...honey, wake up. psst!" I had about 10 minutes to pry open my eyes and turn on my laptop before diving into constructive criticism from my peers on Etsy.

Turns out the host never showed up...but I think the small group that made it in at o-dark hundred (what can I say, I am not a morning person anymore), definitely gave me some good feedback and ideas. It looks as though I may be splitting the siblings (Wind Dancer and Reyna Red) up into 2 separate Etsy stores...oi, the amount of time I spend updating all my sites...the thought of adding yet another one is rather daunting. What's sleep again?

But I am still thinking on that. If you have the inclination to have a peek and give me your feedback, thoughts or peanut gallery input on whether the "kids" should be separated and sent to their respective corners of cyber space...drop me a line.

-Leah :-)

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