Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In the Hot Seat - Etsy Critiques on the Fly

Hi All:

Well I made it into the hot seat this afternoon...took a long lunch and clicked just at the right time and ended up with some great feedback from the lovely admins at Etsy. The items they focused on were:

- Changing my avatar to something other than a pic of me - suggestions to change to close up of striking piece.

- The addition of actual international shipping rates, rather than my "email me!" version.
- And to shorten my shop announcement as I tend to be a bit wordy...well that's apparently fabulous in my descriptions...but not so much on the front page.

- Using Live models - this is going to be tricky...just moved to the Midwest, where I don't really know anyone. Will work on it though.

So since it's slow today at my day job...all those things except the live models have been done. Thanks to the ladies for their time and ideas, I really appreciate it.

And I thought I would post some pics - show some of my flavor and whatnot...

Pic of my packaging - keeping it simple for Reyna Red

-Leah :-)

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