Sunday, April 5, 2009

The call of the open road...

Hi All -

I am off to a road trip in just a few days...I will try to update along the way with pics and stories of my travels.

My route takes me from Omaha to Tucson through Denver and Santa Fe and where ever else strikes my fancy. A wee vacation to visit the in-laws...woo hoo. I am excited to see if I can find some cool new beads along the way.

Went to a bead show here in town yesterday, hubby went along...he's such a good sport. Wow, the slowing economy working in my favor with supply costs...everyone offering low, low, low prices. Picked up some gorgeous micro-faceted crystal rondelles in a bunch of spring colors as well as some lovely briolettes and these amazing heated, banded agate curved links. In tones of reds, black, white, greens, yellows...they are awesome!

Can't wait to work with them. The next couple days are filled with picture taking of the new stuff I've made over the last week or so. So look at Etsy for that.


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