Saturday, March 28, 2009

A sudden abundance of free time....

Hi All:
So some of you may know that I was laid-off from my "real" job this week...exclamation of sympathy are appreciated, but I am really ok...

Looking at this as an opportunity to pour more time and energy into Wind Dancer and Reyna well as providing more study time for school, which I am so close to being finished with.

So far I have been a "woman of leisure" without a 9-5 job leash for a couple of days and I like it. I have taken the opportunity to cleanse the palette so to speak, by changing my studio/home office into a pure studio.

Big thanks go out to my understanding hubby who helped me move heavy furniture all over the room in different configurations before I found the one I like. And didn't complain at all....well not much. haha.

So here are pics of the new studio setup...soldering station, woo hoo...and the studio mascots (black and white cats in one of the pics)...

Leah :-)

The mascots - Munchkin (black) & Piglet (white).

Soldering station - yay!

More space - means more work done.

See, I am working...well, when I am not blogging.

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