Sunday, March 15, 2009

Marathon Shopping

Hi All:

So my lovely sleep in till noon plans were thwarted at about 8am by a tiny cat whimpering at the door. Hubby slept through it...I wish I wish. So stumbled out of bed to wake up to a couple of episodes of Gilmore Girls until hubby made the good coffee, and plans to venture out began to take shape.

The Cost Plus' in Omaha are closing down and I have reaping the benefits of deep discounts and the selling of really cool fixtures for my studio...and today was no different. We walked into a nearly empty big box store to 80% off...yay! So a couple more small fixtures, a case of assorted wines (yay), exotic spices and chocolate for hubby, and some background/displays for pic taking. This was followed by lunch and onto Borders to spend ridiculous amounts of money on reference materials. Then it was onto Menards for random hardware schtuff...steel wool, cleaners, Rouge, wood block. Lusted after a bench vise...and more rotary tool ooo engraver....

Then the final stop for brass and steel ball chain and connectors for an idea I had for a new line of cute earrings. Started a new brass bracelet out of retaining rings....but then couldn't get motivated to finish. I was able to finish 2 prom/wedding sets on new pics of those tomorrow.

And so now winding down....
-Leah :-)

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Your work is beautiful!!!! Keep it going!
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