Thursday, March 19, 2009

The armoured car of shipping cartons...

Hi All:

Jeez...I may actually get in the habit of posting every day. haha, maybe not...we'll see. Anyway, had a small noteworthy thing happen just a short while ago, I got a shipment from a new supplier in India.

They were recommended to me by a business contact, much better prices on semi-precious briolettes, and way more selection than stateside. So I gave them a try for some mixed faceted chalcedony, rose quartz, carnelian and these amazing elongated navy blue chalcedony faceted spikes.

So the doorbell rings this morning, and it's the mailman with a delivery confirmation to biggee. He has a bunch of stuff for me and hubby, and one of the things is a strange looking little box. So I sign and take everything inside. The strange little box is from this new supplier and it is about 4 inches by 5 inches and quite heavy...I didn't think I ordered that much.

Anyway, it was the amoured car of shipping cartons. Once I got through all the protective layers, I found a solid aluminum box that was wrapped in bubble wrap, newspaper and then sewn into cheesecloth and sealing wax was on all the corners and seams. Once inside the box, more newspaper and bubblewrap covering a 3.5 inch by 3.5 inch bag with my gems in them.

Holy there is sealing wax everywhere. Oh well...almost the weekend...

Still have insomnia, so last night's project until 3am was a sterling silver collar with light blue chalcedony faceted drops and smoky quartz, with earrings to match.

Insomnia bites, but at least I have been productive. New pics will have to wait until this weekend probably.

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-Leah :-)

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