Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Miles past O'Dark Hundred Jewelry making...

Hi All:

So, first off a little background...I am an insomniac. So there are times that I am up - mind whirling with a host of different things other than sleepiness - until the wee, and sometimes beyond wee hours of the morning. These insomniac jags come and go and vary in length but usually follow the need to get work done that I don't seem to have time for during daylight or even normal evening hours.

And so following such an insomniac episode last night - I tend to babble more than usual, so just hang in there with me...I have a point.

What was my point, again? Oh yeah! So I was up until about 3am-ish, snuggled under a black blanket I made into a snuggie without any stitches, pliers in hand, watching a Gilmore Girls marathon. I spent an hour or so hand-wrapping links to make pair of truly delicious earrings. Think dripping gems in yellows, greens and corals....there you go.

Have to take pics and post those bad girls up here...but when you are up till past O'dark hundred and then still have your eyes pop open at 745am every morning like annoying sadistic doesn't make for mid-morning motivation to take pictures.

And since now - my babbling has reached epic proportions...I need a nap.

-Leah :-)

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