Saturday, May 16, 2009

Labels, labels, labels....

Hi all:

Yeah, that title may seem to imply that I am obsessed with design labels...which those of you that have actually met me in person know is patently untrue. I like matter if it cost a buck or many many many bucks...haha. Anyway, this week was spent immersing myself in logos, labels, packaging, etc for both Wind Dancer and Reyna Red.

Matt (awesome older brother) helped by finishing the new logo for Wind Dancer so I then could order new earring cards and business cards...but the rest of my packaging I do myself with a little Photoshop and design magic...and a trip to Office Max for Avery labels by the truckload.

I even have wee shopping bags with the logos now...and I managed to create comb cards myself with a little luck, MS Word, my lovely printer and blank index cards. Now I have to price everything for the show....looks like I added another here in Bellevue for June 6-7 but am still confirming that with the organizers.

Oi, back to work...just 2 short weeks to pull this all together.

P.S. I had a brilliant flash of a new designs for upcoming Wind Dancer collection...Amulets for 2009...look for previews hopefully next week

-Leah :-)

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