Monday, May 11, 2009

New products and new combined logo!

Hi All -
I posted the first round of new products on Etsy - Bridal hair combs! Now these combs are not just for brides, but for anyone that likes pretty sparkly things in their hair. Have just a few up so far - but have a bunch of different styles and sizes check back for those.

Here's the handy dandy link to the collection:

Here are a few pics:





And my brother finally finished up my new logo for Wind Dancer, a little more edge a little less little old lady...hahah, only kidding. Anyway, the ex helped out with the change to my Etsy banner so that is all done. Double sided business cards have been ordered and FedEx is holding my new displays captive again....still trying to figure out how to connect to the internet so I can take credit cards at upcoming shows using my cell phone, think a trip to AT&T is in order.'s the new banner.

And that's it...back to creating! More new stuff tomorrow and throughout the week.
Leah :-)

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