Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow days mean more WORK and less shopping...

Hi All -

See, I am making a concerted effort to keep my New Year's promise to update more.  I have been at Mother Nature's mercy and she seems to be having some sort of fit of pre-menstral rage which has been spitting snow, ice and sleet all over Omaha the last week or so.  Just when I could finally see my lawn...she came along and covered it up again with a foot of snow.

I have shows coming up and daily checks of the 10-day weather report to see if I will be setting up in a blizzard or not.  This weekend is the first show and encompasses all of my V-Day plans.  With a husband currently deployed, Valentine's Day is not as romantic as it should be...so I am contributing to others displays of affection in the form of jewelry.

Have been working on new bridal designs which combine antique chandelier crystals and glass (old), elements such as freshwater pearls, gemstones and precious metals (new), and all tones of blues - something sentimental and nostaglic for brides this Spring and Summer.  It's a way for Reyna Red to wish brides well on their happy day and to be an integral part of the day.

Here are some pics of my messy petite worktable which is currently residing in the living room since my basement studio is way way way too cold right now...as well as one of the new bridal designs.

Leah :-)

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