Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Antique Malls are a BAD influence...and so am I!!

Hi All:

It's Photography Tuesday!  And I have the best photographer ever...and I'm not just saying that because she reads this.  (Hi Rachel!)  So the lovely Rachel came over and caught me up on all the new designs, now I just have to work my fingers to the bone to get them all onto my various websites.

I need a nap.

Just kidding.  So anyway...she came over and took pictures and it was a rousing good time as always, quick stop for yummy Greek food and then a cruise by downtown.  And since we were down there, we HAD to stop by my favorite antique mall, Second Chances, which is at the corner of 13th and Howard in Omaha.  This place is like my grandma's house, her attic, and all the garage sales in the state CRAMMED into a store which is 2 stories and about 6000 sq feet of luscious vintage goodness.

Oi.  I get into so much trouble there.  The sheer amounts of neat vintage tidbits they have stuffed in every nook and cranny in this store is truly amazing.  And they have 3 cats that live in the store.  So you're randomly looking through stuff and you get some random cat love.  Who could ask for anything more?  I mean really.

After spend...spend...spend...and exerting my bad influence on someone who should be my little sister...I mean really, if the universe loved me, Rachel would have been my little sister.  She'd have been awesome...unlike that spastic wonder of a brother I was stuck with.  I'm kidding...I love my brother...but as a teenager, he was a mess.  Not like Ms. Rachel who is gloriously sarcastic and has all kinds of snappy goodness to empart on this world.  Oh yeah.

So anyway...it was off to enjoy an ice cream cone at Ted and Wally's(?), I am truly horrific with names...so I think that's right.  Please correct me if it's not.  I had strawberry and cheescake....omg, love it. 

Made a quick and less costly stop at Cornerstone Beads to see if any new pretties had made it in.  got a handful of new stuff...but did not go apeshit in there this time.  A first for me.  Of course last time they'd been flush with new stock right after the Tucson Gem show.

Then we hauled our cookies over to the Orpheum Theater building to another antique shop that underwhelmed me to a point that I nearly bought these truly heinous bookends shaped like fairies just to prove I'd been there.  Fortunately, good sense and over-priced stickers talked me out of it.  90 bucks for faceted glass beads that are scratched and severly chipped...you must be joking.

Then we strolled on back to the car and kamikazeed our way out of downtown....one way streets are truly fascist people.  Described in great detail the first scenes of the movie, The Rocker, with Rainn Wilson and then was unsuccessful trying to find it on OnDemand, YouTube, ITunes, etc...which annoyed me because a week ago, it seemed like it was everywhere.

So anyway...called it a day and said goodbye to Rachel.  She's my helper on Saturday for the St. Wenceslaus Spring Bowtique in Millard, yay!  Ok, so that's it...back to painting the rest of my living room and listing some more new stuff, and editing pictures...

I need a nap again.

Leah :-)

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