Monday, March 29, 2010

Paint...paint...PAINT! Another room gets a makeover.

Hi All:

It's a new week and I'm heading into my busiest time of year, with the exception of Christmas.  Lots and lots and LOTS of Spring shows over the next month to prep for.

But I'll go into that with next week's blog post, as I am awaiting a HUGE supply order before I settle into a non-stop production situation.

My accomplishment over the past week has been to finish painting another room.  Since I finished my office, covering up that hideous mustard yellow, I moved onto my living room which was originally a hideous caca brown.  All the beautiful original Craftsman woodwork in my house was covered up by this ridiculous color.  Plus, it made the room so dark and dreary it was like a cave all winter.  Even in the middle of the afternoon on a sunny day, the room was dark.

So anyway, I chose this gorgeous warm peachy tan instead with an accent color of a deep military grey blue.  Originally, I had planned to primer over the caca brown with a white primer, but decided to try a test first:  one over the caca brown directly, and one over the primer.  The new color was even prettier over the caca brown, so I painted directly over the old color without primering.

The painting gods are probably rolling over in their graves, but oh well, go with the flow.

So after 3 days of painting...around so much wood work, I was FINISHED.  And instantly the room is lighter, and HELLO looks much bigger, which is always a good thing.  Goodbye cave!

Decided to do a quasi-mural over the fireplace, because the new accent color is dark and didn't want to cover up my huge brick fireplace like the last owners did.  So created a Frank Lloyd Wright-esque pattern using just painter's tape and a trim roller.

So here are pictures -

Look...caca brown.  The next one is even worse. drab....


OMG!  Look at all that gorgeous hardwood!

And look!  Sunshine...not being sucked into the walls.

Mural over the fireplace.

And this is the next project...although with my show schedule, is going to have to wait until May-ish.

Ah yes...puke pea green walls...and ceiling.  I need a 5 gallon bucket of primer.

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