Thursday, March 11, 2010

No TGIF this week...

Hi All:

So it's the end of another week...well ok, almost the end of another week.  I am set up for the long weekend again - hopefully sales will be good 'cuz the weather sure isn't.

I have been the entire gambit of emotions this week over the weather...there was much rejoicing when my entire lawn was revealed for the first time in 3 months and then this morning it started snowing again.  Ick.  So tired of winter...can it be Spring already?

Worked my fingers to the bone the last couple weeks and have a ton of new stuff which I am currently plowing through as far as pictures and new listings for the websites...give me about the next 2 weeks to catch up.

Picked up a Bridal Show in late April which gives me at least 2 shows per month for the rest of the year pretty much...well with July off.  Have a travel agent gig that month so am cooling it with craft shows.  Woohoo, get to go to Keystone, Colorado for 2 weeks and watch grown adults kamikazee down the side of mountains on bikes.  And arrange for medivacs if necessary.

Changed my booth set-up, which was a month long project.  I'm loving the new set-up, super easy to change to any configuration which is handy for craft shows, never know what size booths are going to be available.  Here are some pics from the show I am currently at.

So that's it for this week. 
Leah :-)

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