Thursday, March 18, 2010

I've shopped and I've painted...and now I'm spent.

Hi all:

Well, this blog entry is, oddly enough, about slacking.  When my last show ended, I was supposed to take the next day off and then get back to work on new stock for my upcoming shows.  Didn't really happen that way best intentions went by the wayside in the face of sunny skies and warmer weather.

FINALLY, after months of snow and grey skies, dreary and cold, the last 3 days have been in the 50's with sunshine that I swear I'm trying to soak up in buckets.  There's been talk of snow this weekend...but I refuse to entertain that notion.  I'm ignoring it until it goes away...I may even boycott shoveling.

So anyway...back to being a slacker.  I took Monday off after I broke down for the show.  Tuesday, the lovely Rachel caught me up on all my new product from the last month and I went antique shopping again and found TONS of cool stuff to work with.  If I ever get my ass back to the design table this week.  At least I have all of next week to prep for my show on the 27th. nice, warm weather....I've been painting.  Painting my office...which was, as you saw in earlier blog , mustard yellow.  Eww.  I took the opportunity of painting and re-decorating my office.  The paint color is this beautiful soft slate blue that is so pretty and soothing, I want to swim in it.

Kept my furniture the same, just bought a new oak file cabinet since my desk matches my hardwood floors.  New lamp, organizational tidbits, etc in this pretty Art Deco print from Liberty of London which I have been trying to lay hands on for YEARS.  Found this cool rag rug in the kids department at Target of all places.

So anyway here are the before and after pics.  FEEDBACK please!  Can't wait to start on the rest of the first floor.


See, hideous mustard yellow.  Eww.


New file cabinet, am trying to find pulls for my desk to match.

Isn't this a pretty color?  Love it!  Piglet is inspecting the changes.

Piglet again...he apparently approves.  And my collection of Skelanimals.

Munchkin has already claimed the bench for his very own.  Will have a couch in here soon.

So that's it for now.  Plans to go back to the design table tomorrow.
Leah :-)


SSymmonds Creations said...

Love the change in colors!

nikid said...

Nice blue! I hope it helps you relax and let your creative "juices" flow!