Saturday, June 26, 2010

The final painting project - The DREADED pea puke green diningroom

So, it's about 2.5 more months until Thor comes home and as you all know - I have been painting my way through our house.

We bought the place almost a year ago - it will be a year in September.  And I have been lamenting the drab color choices of the previous owners.  You have seen me turn mustard yellow into slate blue and also dark green, caca brown into warm peachy tan, and mud brown into a Frank Lloyd Wright-esque mural in a dark military blue.

And I saved the worst for last.  Puke pea green.  Walls and ceiling the color of vomit.  Our dining room is a green cave of despair.  It is so dark and awful in that room that I never ever go in there. 

And so I have armed myself with gallons of heavy hiding primer as well as gallons of 3 paint colors because multiple coats will be needed to cover up this travesty.  I picked a warm peachy beige for the ceiling and 3 of the 4 walls.  The accent wall will be a warm peach and I have picked out a gorgeous stencil to add a bit of Art Deco to the room in the darkest accent color which is a warm copper color.

And then the contemplation of my red oak diningroom table, which is gorgeous and was my first "grown-up" furniture purchase about 5 years ago, led me to ask my husband if he might want to get new chairs. 

A resounding YES met my question and he proceeded to describe in great detail how much he despised my "country-fied" dining chairs.  I don't like them much either...I got 2 from a friend when I first moved out on my own and then by the time I got the new table, I had 4 of those chairs already.  It seemed more practical to get 2 more chairs to match the ones I already had rather than spending the money to buy 6 new chairs.  So I have been scoping out new chairs and found some on that I like the look of.  I will have to change the fabric on the seats definitely...but that is no big deal. 

I am on the lookout for a brocade fabric that will coordinate with the stencil as well as the rug I have found - also on love that website.  Especially, their rugs.  The rug is currently out of stock - but should be back in shortly.  It's perfect and suits the color palette for the room. 

Of course, the rug I want is a regular rectangle, about 7.5x10ft.  The whole room is being designed around this painting which Thor and I got on our honeymoon. 

The painting is Lady in the Carmine Dress by Felix Mas.  We both love this picture and so went extravagant with the framing - black lacquer with copper foiling in a scroll pattern on the frame.

I have a gig coming up for the first couple weeks of July and so will not start this until I get back on the 16th.

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