Friday, June 11, 2010

Thor's new office - DONE!!

So I have been working on my husband's office while he's been gone.  It's been done for a couple days but was waiting on a rug to arrive to take pics to share.
But FINALLY - the rug arrived this afternoon and so here are the pics.

Thor wanted a dark green for the room but picked out a color that was a bit drab and closer to the puke pea green than I could live with so I made a slight change to a more deep grey green.  And as irony would have it - a color called Billiard Green.  Ironic because my husband is a bit of a pool shark when the mood descends.

Didn't have to buy any new furniture pieces - Thor has a beautiful cherry secretary desk and matching bookcases which look amazing with the wall color. 

The white trim in the room keeps the color from being too dark. 

Was able to repurpose an occasional chair which matched his furniture perfectly.  And just bought some accessories to accent the furniture and to bring the colors across the room.  The rug topped everything all off.   

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