Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jumping into Maternity - the totally true adventures shopping for the baby bump.

So after a scary turn buying my first pair of maternity pants, which are still too big...and still scare me...I went browsing on Old Navy for some Spring/Summer tops and dresses.

Jackpot - on sale too.  Now, I like rather plain clothing - just punches of color against neutrals, so I can use my monster collection of jewelry, hair accessories, purses, and shoes to dress up or down.  Here are a couple of my favorites -

This orchid pink dress is cute and I have the perfect shoes for it.  It will be cute to wear for my birthday next month when I am down South.  Just need the perfect shade of pink nail polish for my wee piggies.

Then I saw this pretty navy blue dress - which I'm taking a chance on, but Omaha can get somewhat chilly in the Spring and Summer so thought this would be cute with a pair of leggings and boots.  And a cool necklace.

Ok, this purple top was a must have because I LOVE purple - and I'm more of a jeans and sandles type girl in the summer - not sure how that is going to work with being pregnant.  But fingers crossed.

If I like the top as much in person - there are 3 more colors available.  It's becoming kinda fun to shop for maternity clothes now.


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