Friday, January 21, 2011

Fighting the BDU/ABU funk - aka: Freshen up those military blues and greens

As some of you may know, I am a proud military wife.  I am proud of my Airman.  He wears a uniform every day and is my own personal hero.  Awwwww.....  One of those uniforms is the ABU.

ABUs, battle dress camoflage uniforms are common dress for everyday.  They are made of a thick canvas type material that is treated with layers and layers and LAYERS of starch, hair spray, thickening agents to keep them crisp, pleated and ironed to perfection.

Unfortunately, while this process makes the uniforms look good, it makes them smell awful.  No matter how much these uniforms are washed, dry cleaned, etc....there is a special stank fondly called the "ABU funk". 

To combat this, so my own clothing doesn't smell like wet dog combined with smelly gym socks I created drawer and closet scented herbal sachets.  And so I didn't send my husband to work smelling like sweet girly things, I used more "manly" scents.

My personal favorite is the Sweetgrass Cedar blend - it freshes up those smelly uniforms and protects them from any greedy moths that try to make a meal outta them.  I used these pretty heavily in my husband's stored uniforms while he was deployed.  Because ABU funk is bad enough without encasing it alone in a plastic bag for 6 months.

They are also good for storing Winter clothes, jackets....sneaking into your husband's gym bag and sock drawer.  As well as freshing linens and bedding.

If you are interested in purchasing some sachets for your own soldier, airman, or sailor - here is the link to them.

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