Monday, January 3, 2011

So you think you have high cholesterol?

Accomplished everything I set out to today, except the grilled salmon healthy dinner I planned in the early morning hours.  Epic Fail.

A trip to Office Max to get a new printer (my old all-in-one decided to turn cannibal shortly before Christmas, and would only scan, but not print or copy), found one marked 75% off (yay, me!) turned into a wander for "actual food" which in turn translated into calzones.

Yeah...the calzones had spinach in them covered in mountains of lovely cheeses and chicken, so hubby tried to say they were healthy...ish.  Noooooo.  Again...Epic Fail.

Post casting class Starbucks stop was was the Gingerbread loaf slice.  It's coldddddddd tonight.

And that's all folks!

***Stay tuned for Casting 101 - aka When redheads hold torches, light ablaze crucibles and generally wreak havoc in a community center casting lab with wax.

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