Monday, January 24, 2011

Yippee Skippee - it's TAX time AGAIN!!

Ok, I may be the only person in the world who actually looks FORWARD to doing my taxes.

But I totally do - I love that Uncle Sam gives me money back.  It's just cool.  So very very very cool.
Hopefully this year will yield an actual VACATION to somewhere warm for a week or so.  And also some fun little toys for my studio - I have my eye on a drill press and torch set up....oooo oooo and a casting kiln.

So each day I scamper to the mail box and sort through the junk to find those tax forms and add them to the pile.

Our tax preparer is expecting us bright and early at noon on a Saturday in early February to see how much money Uncle Sam is giving back to us.  With an over 6 month deployment last year and me building a business...I'm thinking he will be kind.

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