Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just another Manic Monday!

So at the crack of oh'dark hundred, my eyes popped open and I was WIDE awake. 

Damn it.

Stared at the ceiling for a bit before creeping out of bed to check the time - holy shit it's 5:30am.  Got out of bed since sleeping seemed a fruitless pursuit and went about my day.  Shower, dress, feed fuzzy horde...ok, now it's 6am.

Decided to make breakfast for Thor since he was still asleep, so he wouldn't have to eat a bowl of cereal on the run.  And being the loving and awesome wife I am...I made chocolate corn muffins.  The timer beeped and the muffins came out as I was boiling water for coffee.

And he hits the snooze button. 

I wait a bit, the piping hot muffins cooling off.  The water boils and I let the kettle scream for longer than usual, using it as a passive aggressive alarm clock.

He hit snooze again.

Well, so much for my whole loving wife extravaganza.  Like a tree that falls in the woods with no one to see it.  Did it really happen? 

Did it?

Finally after a gentle noodge from me about breakfast and coffee waiting...Thor emerged.  It was rather like Puxatawney Phil on Groundhogs' Day...eyes barely open, squinting in the light, hunched over, big yawns, shuffling through the house.

And now it's 7am - I have a pot roast in and I am starting to work on my websites.  I'm betting most people aren't even awake.

P.S.  I took pics of the chocolate corn muffins - but I can't find the USB cable for the camera.  So you will have to imagine them.  But they were yummy.

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