Monday, April 12, 2010

Introducing....The royal family of Fuzzdom

Hi all:

This Monday morning's blog is a peek into my wee world outside the design studio, shows and other misadventures.

It's a tour of the Fuzzdom.  Now the Fuzzdom is what my husband affectionately calls all parts of our old Craftsman that have been annexed by our two cats, Munchkin and Piglet. 

Hereafter, they will be known by either their given names as stated above, their official state titles: His Royal Fuzziness and Tiny Cat, or the many nicknames that exist...Munchkin has more because it is in direct corellation to the amount of fuzz.

More fuzz = more names.

He is the keeper of the fuzzy tumbleweeds that sometimes roll across our hardwood floors when a breeze comes by, the eldest, the insitgator, the drinker of drips, fuzz man extraordinaire.

             Munchkin - His Royal Fuzziness

Now Piglet - he has no special skills to speak of...well other than theft, the random pilferage of miscellaneous paraphenelia (scarves, the left mitten, hats with pompoms, nail files, tweezers, orange peels, etc) and the depositing of said items under the bed in a nice nest-like pile.  Oh, and randomly running into, falling off of, knocking over of nearly everything not nailed down around him.  He is a very un-stealthy cat.  So accordingly, his nicknames center around yelling at him whilst he is running away from the latest pilfered item or scene of the crime. 

 Photos of him are often out of focus, because if
he sees a camera...he needs to get THIS close.                  Piglet - Tiny Cat, Pig, Piggie...etc...

Now you might wonder, why on Earth, I would bestow such names upon helpless (yeah, right) and innocent animals (ha!)and there is always an excellent reason.  Because they fit.  To a T.  And now I shall expound...

Munchkin is at least 12 years old...I say at least, because I have had him that long.  However, he came to me exactly as he looks now and so I have no idea how old he really is.  He showed up at the door one night as I was bringing laundry in and patiently followed me to the door and right on into the house.  He then looked at me and jumped up on the couch and went to sleep.  And he's been here ever since.  He's my cat...well, actually I think he may be some hybrid of cat and something else...but we'll get to that later.  All 6lbs of black and white Himalayan fuzz and one cross eyed glory of him.

Piglet was an impulse purchase....a guilt gift that I got for Munchkin after we moved to Nebraska from Northern California.  I thought I needed forgiveness for dragging him cross country in a car in two days.  So I went looking for a companion for him...and found Pig, then Sebastian, who names a cat that?!  Pig was a combo of all the cats I haven't had yet.  Blue eyed, marmalade, Siamese.  So I went for it. And Munchkin still gives me the stink eye sometimes for that short-sighted silly decision.

Piglet was Tiny Cat for awhile when I brought him home while I tried to settle on a better name.  And then I noticed that at meal times, he squealed like a pig for food...loudly.  And he is very pink around the edges.  So I told him he was a Pig and looked like Piglet from Winnie the Pooh...and so now here we are.  I still call him Tiny Cat sometimes...although he is 22lbs and climbing.  Oh, my spleen....oh god, my spleen....

And so now that you have been introduced to the royal family here in the Fuzzdom I will leave you with this montage of the royals. 

Back when Munchkin was still bigger than Pig.
I didn't make him an actual throne - so he made one himself.
Thank goodness - Pig was still too small at this point to pilfer Benjamin Bear and shove him into the pile under the bed.
He's lulling you into a false sense of security - with his fuzz.

Toodles from this tour of the Fuzzdom - I hope you enjoyed your stay.  Come back again soon!

-Leah :-)

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nikid said...

Cats are too funny and these are no exception!! Cute!