Sunday, April 11, 2010

Suddenly Springtime...there is much rejoicing!

Hi all -

Today was a short day at the show - doors closed at 4pm and so was home by 4:30pm and decided that since it was such a pretty day I would take my IPod and wander about the neighborhood.

What a change!  Spring has finally arrived.  It almost doesn't seem real, like Mother Nature will yank it all back with a cackle and say, "oh,'s 6 more months of snow.  Enjoy!"  But the trees are blooming...gorgeous pink and cream magnolias make me smile.  The bulbs have popped up, rainbow colors, nodding in breezes almost whispering at passerbys.

Norah Jones was crooning in my ears as I walked through the neighborhood, just breathing and enjoying the scenery...the crazy mixture of house styles, colors, landscapes, people.  Met a new friend...6 month old Hank (a cutie-patootie Boxer puppy) tangled up in my legs and proceeded to smother me with kisses.  The IPod earphones are a little worse for the wear...but still seem to work.  hahaha.

When I got home from my walk I continued my mad-scientist experiment with PMC silver.  Fires like a dream, but am still working out the kinks with thickness for different ideas I have. 

Plans for the rest of the day include working on new designs because sales have been good and have to keep inventory up since I have 2 more shows immediately following this one.

So Happy Springtime everyone!  Take time out to take a look around sometimes. 

Sometimes the best time is spent doing absolutely nothing.
Leah :-)

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