Thursday, April 29, 2010

Around town - Joslyn Castle in Omaha

All those who wander are not lost....

Hi All -

I'm back from my trip to CA to see my family and wanted to share with you some pics of one of my favorite places in Omaha.  My husband and I moved here about 2 years ago now, he's in the Air Force - this is our first station together.  Now my husband and I are, by nature, explorers...we are not content to stay on base and never take a look around.  So almost immediately upon arriving, we started looking about.  He likes museums and zoos...just a kid at heart I guess.  I like old buildings and downtown strolling and we combine nicely.


We discovered the Joslyn Castle pretty early on...while driving through older neighborhoods looking at the big old Craftmans, the pretty Victorians, sensible Four-squares, etc.  It is this massive stone castle that appears from behind a variety of early 1900s styles of architecture as you drive down 38th Street. 

The property is massive, nearly an entire city block.  We were able to take a tour inside last year, however the Castle is closed for part of the year - but the grounds remain open to the public. 

This is a shot of the exterior - how would you like to live here? Like a real princess.

After a year of living on Offutt Air Force Base, my husband and I decided to buy a house.  We found one of those big 'ol Craftsmans just a scant 3 blocks from the Joslyn Castle.  How lucky is that?  So before my trip, I wandered over to take some pics of the gardens which are in full bloom with Spring, as well as some exterior shots.

So here they are - enjoy!
Leah :-)
Carpets of tulips in the garden....

The garden gate...I love all this old wrought iron work.

The "wishing well" tree....

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