Saturday, April 10, 2010

New title - new layout...NEED opinions

Hi there:

So, I have been playing around with different layouts and I have found one I like the best...although I am still trying to tweak it.  Add my own header, change the font color, etc....but HTML, not my strong suit.

I decided to change the title, although the web address stays the same...I felt that concentrating solely on my jewelry lines really limited both the content and my creativity in this blog.  I want to be able to talk about and share my thoughts, loves on any and all subjects.  So the title has changed to reflect that. 

Of course I will still keep you informed on the goings on with Reyna Red and Wind Dancer as things progress.  But look for added content - pictures, travel essays, recipes, odd musings, polls, giveaways, and random bits of pet info.

I would absolutely ADORE feedback on the changes so far.  Please tell me what you think and I would be thrilled to hear any and all suggestions on how to make it even better. 

And if there are any lurking blog designers, mavens of HTML, geniuses with Flash, etc...would cookies as a bribe entice you to help a technical dummy?

haha, anyway - Yes?  No?  Like?  Dislike?  Any bells and/or whistles you would like to see added?

I await on bated breath for your comments.
Leah :-)


SSymmonds Creations said...

I like! I can't remember now for the life of me what your blog looked like before this (I did visit your blog I promise, I even followed you :))

I'm not sure yet about any bells & whistles or anything. I'm extremely tired and my brain ain't functioning at even 1/4 capacity right now so I'll have to check it out again after I've had some sleep

nikid said...

Looks nice! Keep up the good work!