Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ladies Night Extravaganza - a little shopping, a little drinking, a little Rock n' Roll

Hi all:

So, it was my first Ladies Night in Council Bluffs - I'd never been to the Mid America Center, so I got a bit turned around at first trying to find the loading dock.  But I did find it and began to set up around noon because I wanted to get it done early and still have time to run some errands....yeah, no. 

I got there plenty early...but was a bit distracted by the venue and who was next to me, etc.  My booth was right in front of the stage, and the gathering table...since it was my first year I wasn't sure what location was good or better than any other.  Anyway...I set up and was done about took alot longer than usual because people were shopping while I was setting up...which is really ok with me.

And I was without a helper as both my husband and the lovely Rachel were not available.  But I think I did ok regardless.  It was a little harrowing at the end of the night...I was the last one to leave.  Not the best packing job I've ever done....but it's ok. 

The band was interesting...I was with them while they did old classics from the 50s and 60s...then they totally lost me when they queued up "Elvira".  Yeah.... That song gives me horrible flashbacks from 7th grade P.E. when we had to learn to dance....50 minutes of trying to do the electric slide to that song.  I still have it stuck in my head...the next day.  grrrrrr.... Giddey up a room bah...a room bah...bow wow...high ho sil-ver...AWAY!! See? not cool.

Decided on the way home to stop by Ameristar for to play the slots for a bit...haven't been to a casino since before Thor left in November.  There was a fun new video slot called Pirates Beach that was fun for about a half hour.  Played my 40 bucks and was out of there by 11pm.

Eeeeee....while writing this post I found out that photos of my display and designs made the paper here!  Woohoo!  I am getting a copy of the paper and will post that once I have it.

Leah :-)

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