Friday, April 16, 2010

New reading material - how I miss a good romance novel...

Hi all -

It's been a relaxing couple of days in some ways...not so much in others.  Found out today that the show I was supposed to be doing tomorrow was cancelled.  A while ago.  And did I get any notification prior to the refund of my booth monies?  Nope.

Ah well, annoying...but a blessing.  So I ended up having the weekend off.  Well off in the sense that I don't have a show.  But I do have yard work and laundry and wholesale orders to work on.  But more on that later.

This entry is about books.  I love books.  I collect hard back books of all genres, an addiction that I got from my mum.  Of course my addiction is in direct proportion to my income and my need for supplies...and so my collection as it were is much smaller than my mum's.  But I still have a healthy collection of books to which I have recently begun adding how-to books. 

Running a business - even with a business degree brings into sharp focus those skills that a person does NOT have.  In my case, the sharp focus in on the fact that I have absolutely no innate skill for Quickbooks and when I believed naievely that Photoshop Elements would be easier than straight Photoshop CS, I was clearly out of my mind.

So a quick trip to the local bookstore to get some reference material for those subjects.  After browsing through the Computing section, I found the following gems and also fell in love with a cookbook:

The Missing Manuals have been recommended to me by my more technically inclined pals to fill in the blanks for those who are beyond the Dummies books....but not quite to the full on technical manuals.

I chose the Teach Yourself Visually for Photoshop Elements because I just needed to see where things were hiding in the submenus...since Elements doesn't seem to follow the same footprint as CS.  Live and learn.

The Mediterranean Cookbook is my way of learning how to cook more Greek dishes since my favorite Greek restaurants are not open all the time.  And there's nothing more depressing than wanting a gyro and not being able to get one.  So this way...I will learn to make my own.  I did it with Thai food...I can do it with Greek.

Here are some more books that I have been dabbling into the last month.  I recommend them all to independent artists and crafters as essential reference materials. 
And of course, all work and no play...etc...  So here are some of the light reading I've been doing to reward myself for all the other "business related" reading.

These books are light and fun, "brain-candy" if you will.  Sweet and sometimes tart...but good in small doses.  Too much rots your brain.

So here are some that I recommend.  A little bit of everything...

Some romance, some sci-fi, some history, even a picture book or two.

So I hope you enjoyed this little trip into my library of the moment.  I think what a person is reading shows a lot about their overall interests. 

And now back to your regularily scheduled programming.
Redhead signing off,
Leah :-)

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